what do you do with emptiness?
''the chapka child and the blush of the wind and the roar in distance.''
Fantasy & Profound meanings
what do you do with emptiness? (2)
Full sun and dry skulls
the wind can not move the sky
Black horse, traces of gold
the wind can not move the sky (2)
Neighborhood of any intimate performance
without any appointment
come back!
the one that came into being with this yellow coat & black feather
Together, between love and all loves
all that is hidden is hidden in the gardens of everyone, even here. Even elsewhere and especially when you have a crazy desire to pee.
Fantasy & Profound meanings (2)
night sun
the three dragons on the heels of the four brothers
The two sirens did not prevent me from walking, in the footsteps of no one in gold
New leaders coming
the five poisons and their five temples, counterparties
the real wedding is in the abyss
the Dragon's blood
my devotion has no manners and passes the mountains
Chemène - and the business of all invisible layers
  In pink, it's an angel who takes care of everything that is mechanical
a circus of transformations
piano on water
she could not give me the address of this desert
scratched by the snow
Hi Story & impermanence
we stopped the princess
at the extension dock
the only one who was alive  the one who was dead
here, twice
                                                                Fields 0     I become wild, jumping with all things available to me in the workshop: felt, ink, chalk, paint, coal, glue, ... paper, cardboard, pens, markers ...  Miraculously, in that wild state, everything possesses the intelligence to order itself naturally. Chaos is a nudity that dresses.  That's all,  And you, how do you dance ?  I don't try to represent anything. I work at the heart of the painting moved by this state of awakening triggered by the forms that appear from the movement ... and the complexity of structures that arise.  Here I make a parallel with life itself where everything appears unexpectedly, giving life to our own ''Touch'', this open awareness to serve harmony rather than that desire to make harmony appear or to manipulate it.  Death and love can emerge in a split second .. we are the passeurs of ''true taste'' ...  And there is no possible way back, while it is still possible to become the keys to read in the clouds.
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